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Why do I always advocate DIY?

Recently, my phone is full of pages from the YouTube and the facebook explaining or showing with step by step instructions of things that I would love to make with my own hands. I save these pages on to my phone and then transfer them to watch them on my television screen so that I don’t miss out on details and also don’t strain my eyes you can learn more on photography tutorials.

Overall, the camaraderie:

The fun that you have when a group of you sit down to visualize the stuff that you want to make, also the actual fun of being able to team up and use your creativity to the hilt is something that you will cherish for a long-long time to come!

Never too old to learn

I have always been very creative right from school:

Creativity has been running in the family. My mother never bought household décor from the stores and she painstakingly made each one of the décor with her own hands often employing help from us her children. She had magic in her hands and even inspite of using the not so great raw materials the end result was stunningly beautiful thanks in major part to the inherent passion that she had for all things handmade and her perfectionist attitude that never allowed to compromise with anything mediocre. No nothing substandard would do for her. It always had to have the superlative quality about it!

As I grew up, I realized that there was more to creating DIY than the satisfaction of making something so beautiful and smiling at it.  there is a certain quality of the things that is handmade that endears to us and teaches us other important qualities such as patience, ingenuity, to be able to save money, the thoughtful making of gifts for a loved one, the learning of a new skill, the recycling of materials and the fact that you are happy leaving lesser carbon footprint than you would have otherwise.

About Us

We are a reputed Rehabilitation and healthcare company having state-of-the-art facilities at various locations. We offer various short-term and long-term rehabilitation programs to suit the needs of our clients.